A recently released Deir Ezzor’s detainee from the As-Suwaydah prison of the Assad regime narrates the life details in it

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One of the detainees from Deir Ezzor who was released a short time ago says in an interview with D24 that, “after the security branches became filled with detainees, Assad’s forces sent a newly arrest group of political prisoners to the civil prisons in various provinces of Syria. Those charged with criminal charges are treated better than detained rebels.”


According to the detainee, who preferred to speak to us on condition of anonymity, “a few months ago, Assad’s forces told two detainees, one of them from Homs and the other from Daraa, that they will be transferred to the Seydaniya Prison for the implementation of an extrajudicial judgement against them, prompting the rest of the detainees to hold a protest in As-Suwayda prison in an attempt to prevent them from transferring those detainees to the notorious prison.”

Also since a few days, the supervisors of the prison isolated the extrajudicial judged detainees from others in solitary cells. Their number was 27 prisoners from all provinces, including three from Deir Ezzor (K.A), (D.R) and the third (M) all from the city of Deir Ezzor, where the latter was released due to his young age, according to the same source.


In addressing the situation in that prison, the source stated that the administration are treating detainees in an unacceptable manner. However, their thinking is only focused on getting freedom. Families are prevented from visiting their sons, apart from those who must pay an enormous amount of money to be able to do so. Concerning the following of the news coverage of the situation in Syria, they can rarely read any news updates on the revolution.

He continued saying: “Many of us are detained because of the revolution, we were not presented to the court and we do not know our rights, and if we were presented; it would be for interrogation”

He added, “We were charged with terrorism in the security branches without any fair trial.”


In speaking about the Syrian people, he said, “We hope that the Syrian people attain their goals and have a good life.”

Noteworthy, there are 22 civilians from Deir Ezzor who are currently detained in that prison on various charges, most of which are related to their participation in the revolution. There are also 28 other people from Deir Ezzor, who were accused of criminal charges and transported from the prison in Deir Ezzor to As-Suwaydae.

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