A dramatic increase in food prices in the besieged areas of Deir Ezzor

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Markets in the besieged neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor have recently witnessed a high-sky increase in food prices coinciding with a decrease in civilian consumer purchasing power.


Tea comes at the top with 1 kg at 25 thousand Syrian lira, and butter next after it with 1 kg at 15 thousand. Oil and tomatoes at 800 lira. The price of sugar has also increased as it is now sold at 6000 Syrian lira. With regard to other food, 1 kg of rice costs 3000 lira, while 1 kg of meat ranges from 5500 to 8500. The besieged areas are also facing a lack of lipids which are used as an alternatives to butter in the kitchen by civilians.


Salt at 1400, cocoa 1200, dried milk 1800 and thyme at 9 thousand per a kilo. A tuna box at 1200, mortadella 1500. Triangle cheese at 1300, butter 7000, milk 1200, brick 3500, jam 7000, with garlic at 3000 Syrian lira.

With respect to food prices, the price of onion has transcended all the expectations of prominent economic experts by reaching 9000 Syrian lira per a kilo. With also an increase in the price of beans that is now purchased at 1600 Syrian lira. Lettuce ranges from 250 to 700 lira based on its size.


Food materials like mint, cress, watercress have not witnessed a boost as they are still sold at 100 Syrian lira per bundle.

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