The SDF and Assad and the mutual treason with words and protests

Written by Editorial Board

On Tuesday 23 December, a massive protest was held in all of the first and second neighborhoods of Tanqah city, in addition to the market of the city, condemning the campaign of treason which has been launched by Assad against the SDF, and calling for the overthrow of the regime.

The protest, which the SDF sought to make it look as if it was merely a response from the local civilians to the brutality of the regime, was organized by the SDF-linked Tabqah Civil Council that took charge of inciting many employees and local civilians in the city to protest against Assad. The protest included also tribal dignitaries who led the protest, according to a source to Raqqa24.


It seems that the protest was used as a tool to express the state of tension between the SDF and the Assad regime, which might soon led to a total end to the relationship between both sides, precisely after the recent clashes between both which broke out as a result of Assad’s accusations against the SDF that they are traitors.


The protestors did not use any new slogans and they only repeated those related to the overthrow of the regime and described Assad as a traitor who sold the Julan area and enabled the extremists to enter and maintain control in parts of the country. They also labeled the statements of Assad as being anti-democracy and a threat to co-existence. But, they did not raise the flag of the revolution during the protest, which might be the result of orders from the SDF administration that have previously prevented people from raising the flag during the celebration of the liberation of Raqqa last month.


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