Al-Nujabaa Militia fighters arrive in al-Mayadeen upon invitation by Hezbollah Militia

بقلم Editorial Board


On Sunday, August 16, 2020, 40 fighters of the Iraqi al-Nujabaa Militia arrived in the city of al-Maydeen. The Iraqi Hezbollah Militia’ fighters invited the fighters to al-Maydeen.

Hezbollah Militia hosted the fighters in a big house that the militia seized in the al-Mahareem neighborhood. The fighters arrived amidst austere protection measures. Hezbollah hosted a banquet for the fighters and transported them to headquarters in the al-Tamou neighborhood.

The aim of the visit is still unknown, as Hezbollah militia distributed the fighters to different headquarters in al-Tamou neighborhood, amidst austere security perimeter around the neighborhood.

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