Al-Husseiniyah school in Deir Ezzor is without electricity, diesel and teachers with knowledge of education director!

بقلم Editorial Board

Al-Husseiniyah school in Al-Husseiniyah village, in Deir Ezzor countryside, was reopened nearly three years ago, and dispite that, there is still no real educational process in it due to administrative corruption.

The school lacks a teaching staff enough to cover all the grades and classes in the school, knowing that more than 50 teachers are registered with the Directorate of Education. Only 10 of the 50 teachers are working in the school. A number of “volunteers” from the village filled the place of the absent original teachers (with the knowledge of the director and supervisors of education in the region), but without salaries.

Moreover, the school suffers from a severe shortage of the most basic necessities required in any school, as there has been no electricity in the school since it was reopened about 3 years ago, and the classrooms have been without heaters in the cold winters, due to the lack of diesel.

People signed a petition demanding the director of education in Deir Ezzor to rehabilitate the school but their request was ignored and the school’s conditions remained the same.

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