The women of Deir Ezzor.. a panoramic view of their role in the social context

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The talk about women and their role in general in this time of openness on women’s issues and the rise of feminism in the world is difficult and problematic in some ways, especially at this time of conflict escalations in the Arab region, in which men have played the main role, while the repercussions have been on all society in general and on women in particular.

Women, like all the subjects, have many aspects, that cannot be limited to a single angle, so talking about women in a particular society without addressing a specified aspect would be a key to other issues and details later.

Here we are talking about women in Deir Ezzor society. Women who live in a tribal environment like Deir Ezzor are different from the other Syrian women who live in other regions.

This study represents a quick panoramic presentation of several stages of women’s history in Deir Ezzor, showing their roles in various periods of history, in the writings of travellers and orientalists, during the French Mandate, in the public life, and during the Syrian revolution, and how their role was hindered while seeking greater participation in public life, education and business.


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