The NDF Militia Carves Al-Bukamal Up and Terrorizes Civilians

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Deir Ezzor24 Exclusive :

The NDF militia in Al-Bukamal city, east of Deir Ezzor, are seeking to set up several HQs in the city, besides their primary HQ in the Maari street.
NDF militiamen have started to equip an HQ in the Jamiyat street near the new post building and it is scheduled that Fahd Al-Dandal will serve as the commander of the new HQ. The latter includes twenty fighters and several vehicles, which makes it superior to the other headquarters in terms of items and equipment.

This new NDF move seeks to propagate reconciliations in Al-Bukamal city as well as other cities in Deir Ezzor. They are seeking to recruit people into the ranks of the IRGC and affiliated militias. The huge number of NDF fighters and HQs in the city has forced local civilians to be in state of constant fear because this means an increase in NDF human rights violations.

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