The Coalition and the SDF arrest a brother of a former Daesh leader

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Sources confirmed to Deir Ezzor 24 network that the international coalition forces carried out a campaign of arrests and raids in Al-Kashkiyah village in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.

The sources indicated that the international coalition and the SDF arrested a former Daesh element and took him to an unknown destination.

The sources noted that the detainee, who was arrested suddenly, is a brother of a Daesh leader “Abu Ali al-Shaiti”, who was killed during fighting.

The leader’s brother had been arrested once before by the SDF, who released him later, but now they arrested him again with the support of the international coalition forces.

It is noteworthy that the SDF and the international coalition forces regularly carry out arrests of Daesh cells in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, with the purpose of ending the cells operating in the region.

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