Students in the besieged areas of Deir Ezzor continue their exams despite hunger and lack of water

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High school students aiming to obtain their educational certificates have been struggling lately to complete their exams; despite the fact that water supply in the besieged areas, such as Al-Joura and A-Qusour, has been cut off for the fourth day in a row, along with a bread crisis as it has been unavailable for four days, coinciding with several mortar rounds that have landed directly on the school of Zaki Al-Asrouzi, causing material damages to it.

In spite of the inhumane siege and a continuous lack of water and bread in the besieged areas, the exams have continued. Students have been spirited and ready to continue their exams with full determination and success; the number of ninth-grade students reached 1307, which includes male and female students. By Thursday, the students will have completed their final exams by a test in the Arabic matter.

In addition, exam papers of all English, General Science, and Social Studies have been corrected while the rest are in the process of correction.

Thousands of civilians are living in lamentable and wretched conditions due to the siege imposed on the regime-held al-Joura, al-Qusour and Harabish districts by Daesh.

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