Russian Wagner recruits Syrians to protect oil facilities in Africa

Written by Editorial Board

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The Deir Ezzor 24 reporter emphasized that the Wagner forces recruit Syrian young men in return for money to guard oil facilities in the Republic of Central Africa just like what happened in Libya earlier.

The reporter added that each recruits will receive $1,000 as a salary as well as a family aid at the value of 3 million Syrian pounds for six months.

The conditions of the recruitment included the recruits’ submitting documents proving that he is not sentenced or wanted, contacting no one as long as they are on service, and preventing all methods of contacting, documenting, or filming. Application for the recruitment is done by Syrian officers in the headquarters of the 5th Corps of the Russian 1st Division.

The Russian “Wagner” fighters are present in different African countries, according to Moscow’s policy of “hybrid warfare” in conflict areas, as they are active in Libya, Sudan, Central Africa and Mozambique, with the aim of guarding mines and oil wells in hot spots, combating rebels, and protecting powerful figures, in exchange for licenses that allow them to exploit wealth and supply weapons, technology, and military services.

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