Once again, the brown forearms of Deir Ezzor outperformed in martial arts competitions in Europe

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

The Syrian boy, “Asid al -Abd al -Kahla”, who comes from Al -Qouriya, has achieved a local heavyweight championship in the North-Rhine Province, after defeating a Russian boxer of six and a half years older than him.

In a special interview with Deir Ezzor 24، Mr. Jassim Al -Akla, the father of the hero, said:

My son Asid achieved the local boxing championship, which is held in the city of Nümbrecht in North Rhine Province, after defeating the Russian boxer Joel Abramsem at the age of 23, in heavy weight 95 kg.

He added:

“My son Asid plays heavy weight in boxing, although he did not exceed fifteen years only a few months, but his physical structure qualifies him for that, as he weighs 95 kg and has long stature.”

The hero “Assaid” descends from the city of Al -Quriyah, east of Deir Ezzor, who resorted to his family to Germany with refugee convoys several years ago, and since then decided to professionalize the sport that I love “boxing” and has achieved many local championships so far at the level of Germany.


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