Jaysh Asuud al-Sharqiya leaves the Authenticity and Development Front and prepares to announce its political office abroad

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Jaysh Asuud al Sharqiya (Army of the Lions of the Eastern Region) issued a new statement today in which it announced a break with the Authenticity and Development Front to form a new independent entity.

In its statement, Jaysh Assud al Sharqiya greatly appreciated all kinds of support it has received from the Authenticity and Development Front since the first day of its formation. It is also going to form a political office, which will serve as the only representative of the army (Assud al Sharqiya) on the ground in Syria, according to the statement.


It also called on the people of Deir Ezzor, civilians and fighters, to join and provide the needed support to the Army in order to liberate the province of Deir Ezzor from ISIS and the regime.


It should be noted that the Army of Assud al Sharqiya has hundreds of  FSA fighters, who come from Deir Ezzor, in its rank.They had taken  part in the fight against ISIS and the Assad regime before and were able to liberate several key areas in the province since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, however, after ISIS seized control over Deir Ezzor province, Jaysh Assud al Sharqiya refused to surrender to the group and preferred to move towards al Qalamon to continue its fight and struggle against both of ISIS and the regime .


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