Deir Ezzor Civil Council’ Educational Committee receives books and registries

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The Deir Ezzor Civil Council’ Education Committee received thousands of copies of school books, registries, and necessities of educational centers in Deir Ezzor.

The committee said that in cooperation and coordination with the Education Committee of Northeastern Syria they received books and registries according to the following numbers:
230,000 students’ cards, 700 inbox registries, 700 outbox registries, 700 furniture registries, 700 registries of daily school time, 700 registries of distributing primary stage books, 700 registries of distributing elementary and secondary school books, 700 registries of scientific experiments, 700 registries of teaching materials, and 700 registries of distributing students to classrooms.

The committee received books according to the following numbers:

9,020 science books of 1st grade, 9,025 maths books of 3rd grade, 9,030 Arabic books of 3rd grade 1st term, 3,069 English books of 6th grade, 3,080 Arabic books of 6th grade 2nd term, 3,080 science books of 6th grade, 30,72 Arabic books of 6th grade 1st term, 9,030 English books of 3rd grade, 3,078 maths books of 6th grade, 9,030 Arabic books of 3rd grade 2nd term, and 9,020 science books of 3rd grade.

Kamal al-Musa the joint head of the committee stated that they will distribute the books directly to schools and registries to educational compounds. Al-Musa added that they will soon receive more books to distribute them to school students.
The committee received the books, amidst severe shortage of educational materials in schools and educational compounds of Deir Ezzor east of the Euphrates. The area lacked school books and specialized curriculums.

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