Deir Ezzor 24 spots the arrival of Muslim Al Britani, an Al Qeada defector and technology expert, in ISIS-held territory and has pledged allegiance to the group

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Muslim Al Britani,a technology expert has defected from Al Qeada to ISIS.


An extremely dangerous person who recently found a place in the ranks of ISIS for its controlled areas are the the most appropriate environment where he can put into practise his evil plans.He managed to make it to ISIS-held areas after a very complex smuggling process, upon his arrival he immedialtey pledged his allegiance to the group.


No one of his friends had expected that a young British engineer and electronic expert, of Pakistani origins, would turn down all the job offers of the biggest and largest technology companies, and chose to become the technology expert of al-Qaeda and live in the desolate mountains of Waziristan.


The CIA is constantly tracking all of his activities to arrest him in any way as he was a source of great concern to the US during its military intervention in Afghanistan during which he managed to decrypt most of the codes of the US military arsenal.He also produced sophisticated IEDs, explosive belts and  anti-tank missiles. In Addition, he succeeded in decoding the encryption of some laptops,belonging to a number of US Delta  forces killed in the area of Kunir in Afghanistan, and took all the info found in their devices.He was also a master at  jamming mine detectors, intercepting the US  army’s wireless communications and eventually spying on their movements.Muslim al Britani was the one in charge of the electronic warfare operations in the ranks of  al Qaeda when he was in Waziristan due to his highly sophisticated knowledge of technology.



“Muslim al Britani” to the land of  ISIS caliphate:


One year ago from today’s date, he decided to join and pledge his allegiance to ISIS in order to employ all of his  skills and experience for the benefits of the group. He had managed to contact an ISIS-affiliated British fighter through Twitter to provide him with info about a secret network of smugglers who managed to smuggle him from Wazirstan through the Afghan-Pakistan border, passing from Turkey to finally reach the de facto capital of ISIS, Raqqa.

The smuggling operation lasted for four months and it was very complicated.


Deir Ezzor 24 received information that Muslim al Britani is still practising his job under heavy security protection in ISIS-run areas, it also obtained a number of documents of his scientific remarks and a collection of memories that he wrote when he was in Waziristan, some of the documents are generally about the foundations of electronic and wireless science while others contain explanations of sophisticated ambushes.

Below are the documents :


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