Daesh decapitated 15 civilians in Deir Ezzor yesterday, describing them as “ the sacrifices of Al-Eid”

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The Daesh media office in the province of Deir Ezzor published yesterday a video titled “ The Making of Illusion”, showing the brutal decapitation of 15 men suspected of “treachery and spying for the international coalition.”


The beheaded men were described as “the sacrifices of Al-Eid” by the organization. It executed them, as stated in the video, for their cooperation with the intelligence offices of the international coalition.


The blood-thirsty  video also delivered a message to the international coalition, saying that they would face more “defeats” while plotting and planning against the group, reminding them of the terror attacks it carried out in Paris, Brussels and other European capitals, which were not foiled by the intelligence and counter-terrorism offices in those countries.


The 15 men were beheaded in a slaughterhouse, and the group did not support its claim ( their cooperation with the IC) with no compelling evidence.

Names of the executed:


  1. Khaled al-Hamd al-‘Ajil
  2. Hussam Musa al-Ramidh:
  3. Hassan Ibrahim al-‘Azba
  4. Muhannad Muhammad al-Ahmed:
  5. Ibrahim Ali al-Musa:
  6. Jam’ah Jassem al-‘Abd:
  7. Ammer Faisal al-Yusuf:
  8. Ibrahim Taha al-Yusuf:
  9. Abdul Rahman al-Saleh al-Ahmed:
  10. Saleh Ahmed al-AbduLlah
  11. Bashar Ahmed al-‘Ajil:
  12. Qassem Khalil al-‘Ali Sulaiman:
  13. AbduLlah Muhammad al-Khalifah
  14. Muhammad Ibrahim al-‘Azbah:
  15. Abd al-Malak al-Hassan al-‘Azbah:

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