Caught between ISIS and the Assad regime, the reality of Al Jawra neighbourhood in Deir Ezzor city.

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Three years ago, hundreds of innocent civilians were martyred in Al Jawra neighborhood after massacres committed by the Assad’s regime. After that, its people asked for help from the FSA but no one responded to their call. ISIS atrocities and violations embodied in its mass executions, child soldiers, and extreme interpretation of Islam….etc, have become prevalent in the region. The ISIS soldiers besieging Al Jawra district at the current time, are the same soldiers who watched it falling prey to the Assad regime three years ago.


The siege imposed by ISIS on Al Jawra neighbourhood of the city of Deir Ezzor is totally different from the one that had been imposed by Ahrar al Sham and Jabhat Nusra 2 years ago. ISIS has no mercy upon the civilians, including children and women, living in Al Jawra as they are all apostates (according to the group). The FSA was different and it immediately lifted the siege on the neighbourhood for the sake of the oppressed and poor families living in it years ago.

On the other hand , Al Jawra has been under siege for one year now, and there are still a number of families who have refused to leave their homes as they already know what is waiting for them in ISIS-run neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor. The actions of both parties (Assad and ISIS) are similar to each other in the eyes of the families.

Two years ago, the regime’s main concern was to force the people of  Al Jwara to give up their resistance and bow down to the regime as it provided popular support to the FSA. Several anti-Assad protests were held in the neighbourhood in the past and the people of  Al Jawra were subject to continuous persecution at the hands of the Assad forces because of all of this support to the opposition.

Today, ISIS fighters are just following the steps of the Assad regime by insulting and harassing the civilians fleeing Al Jawra. Sometimes the civilians, escaping the neighborhood, get arrested by the group and not to forget the daily bombardments which always result in civilian casualties.12373310_1011831388877509_1583423145189385579_n

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