Assad’s forces are close to breaking the siege on the Deir Ezzor Military Airport.

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Assad’s forces and allied militias continue to advance towards the city of Deir Ezzour to break the siege. After breaking the siege on Brigade 137, they are now attempting to open the Damascus/Deir Ezzor highway.


Following their capturing of the town of Al-Shulah, Assad’s forces are only 6 km far from their besieged pocked in the Panorama area. They are now attacking that areas with heavy artillery and airstrikes to pave the way for the infantry to advance.



Today, heavy clashes erupted between Daesh and Assad’s forces on the vicinity of the Tim oil field and the cemetery area, with reports of the latter making significant gains at those fronts, including their takeover of the Alushi hill and the Rabia’ hill.



Assad’s forces have employed a range of weapons in order to advance to the Taamin Brigade and the Juneid Company where Daesh fighters are entrenched, meaning that they are only 2 km away from the besieged Harabish and Tahtud neighborhoods.



Dozens of fighters from both sides have been killed in the ongoing clashes, in addition to the killing of four Russian offices, which was confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry.



The battle to break to siege on the military airport is carried out by Assad’s forces being backed by all militias operating in Syria, including the Suqur Al-Furat, Liwaa Al-Qudss, Hizbollah and other foreign militias.

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