Al-Jawhari… From the institutions of the revolution in Turkey’s Urfa to the leadership of the newly established Hashd militia by the Assad regime in Damascus

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His name appeared as a military leader on the list published by the newly established Hashd militia by the Assad regime. Maher al-Jawhari worked formerly as a civil servant in the State Security Branch and then benefited from his relationship with Assad’s forces and had his own business, which was not devoid of corruption.


In addition, he was a secret agent. In a new and striking development, activists from Deir Ezzor living in the Turkish city of Urfa revealed the fact that the Assad regime agent, who penetrated the opposition institutions, has returned to Damascus city and joined the militia of Hashd al-Jazeera wal-Furat, which is scheduled to start its operations in Deir Ezzor.



Maher al-Jawhari’s story began with the presence of his name in the list which was published after the formation of Hashd al-Jazeera wal-Furat. He is from the countryside of al-Raqqa and was a resident in the Mowaddafin neighborhood in Deir Ezzor. According to the activist (S.J), who is also present in the Turkish state of Urfa; al-Jawhari was present in Urfa for more than a year and a half, he came to the city and received a house and monthly food aid by “Ataa Relief Organization”, those humanitarian aid were scheduled to be distributed  to the families of the martyrs and the poor.


The source continued: Maher al-Jawhari got into some revolutionary gatherings for several months in Urfa and got a lot of information about opponents of the Assad regime in Turkey. An activist from al-Mowaddafin neighborhood reported that Maher was an agent of the regime and everyone knows that and all were aware of him.


He fled to Turkey with the beginning of the militarization of the revolution. He worked in some institutions affiliated with the revolution, whether political, relief or military for five years, meaning that he would pose a serious threat to the revolution after joining the Hashd militia.


In this context, activists in Urfa reported that a man from Deir Ezzor “Hassan al-Sheikh” was beaten with his son because he documented and published abuses that are being committed in those institutions on his Facebook page.


The case of Maher al-Jawhari is not the first, but was preceded by many cases of people who were agents of the regime and drug traffickers who entered Turkey and infiltrated revolutionary fields because of their corruption, and they then returned to the ranks of the Assad regime.

Turkey treats all as refugees, regardless of their background and attitudes, leaving a room for criminals and agents to conduct their activities the way they want.

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