Al-Haram Guards militia intensifies presence in al-Bukamal

Written by Editorial Board

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The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) militia purchased two shops in the Nofoteh Street in the market of the city of al-Bukamal in return for 300 million Syrian pounds. The IRGC purchased the shops to enhance control of the area and implement its agenda aiming at spreading Shiism and achieving demographic change.

Aiming at entrenching its influence, the IRGC resumed purchasing real estate in al-Bukamal by tempting their owners with huge sums of money that exceed the value of the real estate.

Al-Bukamal is the stronghold of the Iranian militias that name th city Mudafe’ee al-Haram or Huras al-Haram (Shrine Guards). The word al-Haram refers to the Shrine of al-Sayyida Zainab in Damascus.

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