After one month of siege in Raqqa, civilians are now on the verge to face epidemic diseases.

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Raqqa has been under total SDF siege for around a month, which has caused an extreme shortage in foodstuffs and medicines, but what has worsened the humanitarian situation is the cutoff of drinkable water. This led civilians to dig wells in search of water to cover their everyday needs. However, it has been noticed recently that civilians are vulnerable to cholera and hepatitis for using that water for it is mixed with wastewater.


While civilians are facing such diseases, Daesh affiliates are using private wells.


After speaking with some doctors who are still inside the besieged city, they confirmed to us that is possible that we would witness a cholera outbreak, precisely because of the absence of cleanliness since wastes are being thrown and burnt on the streets. They added that there are dozens of besieged civilians who are vulnerable to epidemic diseases, mainly after the closing of most pharmacies, lack of medicines and the monopolization of the available drugs and hospitals by the organization of Daesh who are using them for the treatment of their wounded fighters. They also transported all medical equipment to their run field hospitals. In addition, most medical staff have left the city and the few remaining ones cannot handle all patient cases.

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