Abu Al-Dabbah, the new Qaterji man, is one of the most prominent men of Iran. What do you know about him?

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Deir Ezzor24 Exclusive:

Militia ideology dominates all the joints of the remnants of the state that the Assad militias and aligned militias are controlling and molding according to their interests, which is to take control on all aspects that would represent the country’s income, whatever it may be.

In order to achieve this, the tyrannical regime has been working since it came in power to manufacture economic interfaces that allows it to achieve its interests, and they are considered symbols of regime, including Rami Makhlouf, Samer Al-Fawz and Hossam Al-Qaterji; who have served as the hand of the influential economic authority for half a century.

And in accordance with its law to renew its men in order to prevent their expansion and the exclusion of those among them who became a burnt paper, the name Madlol Aziz known as “Abu Dabbah” appears on the surface, in circulating news that he has taken a substitute for Al-Qatirji, in addition to that he enjoys Russian and Iranian support, as he seeks their favor by offering them money and gifts.

Al-Madoul holds the position of a member of the People’s Assembly, and he has a group of 125 members affiliated with the Military Security Branch in Deir Ezzor province. He recently became in charge of smuggling operations taking place between the two banks of the Euphrates River between the areas controlled by the SDF and Assad. All smugglers are loyal to him, due to his control of all crossings. He has a close relationship with the checkpoint operatives based on the exchange of goodwill. He pays them money, in exchange for not obstructing his smuggling operations and turning a blind eye to them.

Al-Madlol is considered to be more influential than his predecessor, Al-Qatirji. He was just a mediator for smuggling fuel and grain between the SDF and Assad areas and between him and Daesh in the past. But the powers of the Madlol exceeded that in stages, and he became fully in control of the crossings, allowing him to make millions of dollars from smuggling operations.

For those who do not know who Abu Dabbah is, he is from the Al-Bakara tribe. He joined Jabhat al-Nusra when it took control of Deir Ezzor and was known for stealing grain at that time and selling it for his interests. He fled to the areas under Assad’s control when Daesh entered the area, conducting a reconciliation in exchange for money. He later enjoyed Iran’s support, which brought him to the seat of the People’s Assembly. Not only that, but he has close relations with the Russian generals , Thus, he becomes holding all the threads of the game with the strong, and in a short time he turns into a flood that swallows the green and the dry.

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