A misleading and unfounded response by the Levant Front to accusation it kidnapped a civilian and presented him as an ISIS member

Written by Editorial Board

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After Deir Ezzor activists strongly condemned the Levant Front for presenting a civilian,Anas Alwan from Deir Ezzor, as ”ISIS prisoner” in its recent anti ISIS video titled ”Muslims are not criminals”,the Levant Front responded to this reaction by publishing pictures and a passport belonging to a person named Khaled al Ratib from Homs and claimed he was the one who appeared in the video.

Deir Ezzor 24 studied the evidences which were put forward by the Levant Front to eventually find out that they are completely misleading and groundless since the passport of Khaled Ratib al Assaf indicates that he was born in 2000 which means that his age must be only 15 years old at the curent time which is illogical as the features of the person presented in the pictures are totally different.

In addition an expert confirmed to Deir Ezzor 24 that the code at the bottom of the first page of the passport does not match with the information contained in the passport which proves it is also fake.Deir Ezzor 24 hired also some photography experts to compare the picture,provided in the response by the Levantine front ,with a picture of ” Anas Alwan “,who appreared in the video as ”ISIS prisoner”,to conclude that they belong to two different people.

The question about the fate of ”Anas  Alwan” remains open , especially after the misleading and basless response by the Levantine Front which makes his story more ambigious than it really was.



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