A member of the Fourth Division was run over on Deir Ezzor road

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:
A member of the Fourth Division from Hama province was recently killed, as he was run over by a regime vehicle belonging to the Roads and Bridges Company Rodco, at the division’s checkpoint at the Al-Mariya junction on the main road Deir Ezzor-Al-Mayadin.

The incident occurred while the Fourth Division checkpoint stopped a truck coming from Al-Bukamal, with the aim of inspecting it, while the dead man was searching the fuel tanks under the truck, and when the truck moved forward, it ran over him with its wheels and flattened him.

The driver fled after being shot by the checkpoint elements, to reach the Republican Guard checkpoint and take shelter with a lieutenant officer, to be handed over to the Criminal Security Branch, and protected from the Fourth Division.

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